Senin, Juni 18, 2012

cultural ethics

Hey you there, nowadays we, as Indonesian, are stunned by a social media that confirms Malaysian have claimed Tor-tor dance as their culture. As response, many Indonesian, of course, defend their country's culture by objecting the issue with some activity by making a hashtag texted #TorTorPunyaIndonesia in a social media, twitter as you know, which was a world-wide trending topic yesterday.

You know, social media has a great influence and power in spreading some information, and with this action, world will know that Indonesia has a dance which called tor-tor and the dance is wanted to be proclaimed by another Jiran country. People are so nationalist because of this issues and they prohibit Malaysian to claim this culture.

When you hear this kinda situation, maybe you realize that Indonesian are nationalist and care about their culture, in which way protecting Indonesian culture from another Jiran's proclaimed.

However, I do not get this point. Frankly, I was ashamed yesterday while paid attention on my twitter timeline and seeing that many people were a sudden-nationalist. Maybe it was referring to chauvinism. They were never wearing "ulos" or even knowing tor-tor is come from Tapanuli, although they were just screaming and shouting for a justice while Malaysian proclaimed it yesterday. Even, maybe they only follow the trend, such a twitter right now which has a "follower" as a priority. This is not 21st century, but "following century", I think.

SO, what would we do, as Indonesian, while facing this issue? easy, don't just be NATO, no action talk only. do not only tweeting and making a world-wide trending topic in social media, without any response in action. So when you are objecting Malaysian proclamation about tor-tor, it means that you have to be care with this kinda culture. Care means actions. not a tweet or a word. So if you are Batakese and you have an Ulos, wear it on some traditional party and be proud of your culture ! Others, if you are not Batakese, try to acknowledge another tribe's and clan's culture, even we are not studying those lessons in school. Maybe, for government,

Rabu, Mei 23, 2012

Anti Main Stream

Hey, glad to see you all again *with an English version*. Yeah, it has been long time since I used English as my main writing language in this blog.

Yeah, so today is ENGLISH version. And actually I did literally write this satire while at night, overhearing to some Jack Johnson alongside a cup of coffee, which at first I made to cover me for dealing with an assignment, however, I procrastinate into these words. Yah, it’s kinda romantic and chill time, giving ears to Jack Johnson’s song, and drawing up, uh it’s pretty damn cool man. Talking about Jack Johnson and my iTunes playlist, I have a renowned nick name from my pal, can you guess it? “Mr. Playlist Boy”, hahaha, yeah it’s kinda a musty one. Though, I love an obsolete one, so it was an honour for me. They called me “Mr. Playlist Boy” because I have a suitable flavor in selecting music as a waiting playlist for attendance. It was first-time-called while my department was holding Elevator Pitch Competition, and my friend asked me who operated and selected the music while they were eating or having a break, even they were imagining that the man should be handsome, elegant, and pretty terrific.


When I told them I was the man they mean, yeah, y’all could guess it. They were disappointed and just seeking to obtain my soft-copy playlist. HAHAHA, maybe my music-taste is incredible and suits on women. However, they do not fit in my face. Poor me hahahaha. Though, it’s acceptable for me, I do believe there will be a woman who fit in with all I am and feats together facing this world. “And blessed is a woman who stands with me through everything” (Silas book of love, chapter one, verse two) ,also “don’t regret for those who decline my love because they don’t feel a soothing moment with me” (Silas book of love, chapter two, verse one) hahaha just kidding pals !

Fine, now we’re back on topic. So why today I have to literate about “Anti-Main-Stream” ? I do have faith everybody knows stream means, so I assume that y’all could define what Anti-Main-Stream is. Anti-Main-Stream is a condition while you are not in a core flow of others. While others are being too careful, I did not recommend you to be careless, although expose yourself to expand everything with a short consideration. Out of the box, people are usual and familiar with these words. However, you should know boundaries between think out of the box and nerdy. Don’t find yourself be a nerdy and geeky while you want to think out of the box. Being distinguished doesn’t always mean to get hooked up and be the wrong sides. Differences doesn’t talk about right or wrong, however it tells you objection and assent. 

Have you heard about an issue Lady Gaga is not permitted to have a concert in Indonesia by a mass organization because of an illogical reason. The fallacious reason is Lady Gaga usually wears short suits while she’s having a time on stage. Also, Lady Gaga is accused of being an exorcist and demon-hailing. However, I still do not have enough evidence to proof whether it is right either wrong. 

But deeply in my heart and acquaintances, I support and corroborate with them that Lady Gaga should not have a concert in Indonesia. WHY WHY WHY? Am I one of them? No. Am I being insane or illogical? I still get 143 in my I.Q test. So WHY do I oblige that? This is what I called Anti-Main-Stream while everybody agrees and oppose the mass organization. Actually I also object the reason about Lady Gaga suits or Lady Gaga’ suspicion. I oppose #IndonesiaWantLadyGaga because it makes Indonesian more consumable and it is unhealthy for our next economy.  It can produce inflation such as whether government reduce the currency value of Indonesian Rupiah to US Dollars. Looks, can you count how many overseas-artists have come to Indonesia in a year, and how much money did people spend just to watch their “heros”? lot. A lot !

I put my quotation mark in heros because they are heros in irony and contradictory. Whose hero which bring an adversity and poverty to their fans? No one. 

As you see, overseas-and-abroad-artist are one of them. Do you know how much the cost is for watching Lady Gaga on stage? Above 1000k IDR, minimal 700k IDR. Can you imagine, everybody works hard to gain money, and they spread it with ease just to watch an abroad-singer. Not only Lady Gaga, still there are too many abroad artist that perform in these year. I told you this not because neither I like Lady Gaga nor music, I love music and also Lady Gaga, but I concern about people in Indonesia. More they consume, more loss will we gain because we are paying to another county benefit. Not us. Can you imagine that a man who only has 1,500k IDR for a wage a month will buy a ticket just for see his hero? 

I am pretty sure that you will doubt me with a statement, “this concerts is belong to those who can afford and pretty rich, so it’s okay.” How could you guarantee everybody in the concert is rich and pretty damn cool with the price. Yeah, I have a friend that sold his laptop just to watch Korean Stars last spring for damn prestigious experience to watch a man, singing some songs just for 3hours approximately. Is it worth? You can answer it yourself. 

Abroad artist concert is just making an edge between those who are rich and those who are demanding for some pity on streets. Such a gadget one, it is just a prestigious stuff.  

Once, I said it not because I don’t love music. You just know how I love music by overhearing my iTunes playlist hahahah :p

So, if you want to see your heros lively, just go to their country and watch them singing in their country, or maybe in our affluent neighbor country, which you know what I mean by lion as their symbol. So, I need a lot of cashes to watch my handsome or beautiful artist? YEAH, OF COURSE. It will more guarantee that people who watch abroad concert are well-to-do. You don’t want to spend a lot of money to attend the concert? Just put your headphones and plug into your notebook, open iTunes, and type “artists whom you like to listen” , and sing alongside in your bedroom. Cost : $ 0

Be more reactive, critical, and rational while thinking, cause you have to choose rather to bump into the current or rush out the mainstream. Keep thinking and acting for a better Indonesia !

Selasa, Mei 08, 2012

token of appreciation

welcome forth semester. welcome. biarpun agak telat ya bilang welcomenya, tapi ya tetep, I wanna welcome you sincerely, forth term. ada yang tahu kenapa baru sekarang bisa welcome semester 4 padahal masuk semester 4 itu kira2 bulan februari yang lalu?

TUGAS^1 + PRAKTIKUM^2 + KEGIATAN HIMPUNAN^3 = 07.00 a.m - 12 p.m

ya, rumus berikut yang menjadi kegiatan saya di semester 4 ini.

emang sih jadwal kuliah yang official itu cuma dapet hari Jumat dan hari Rabu yang jam 7 pagi, tapi ........................... tetep kegiatan dan tugas dimulai dari jam 7 pagi.

oke, mungkin ada waktunya nanti saya ceritain tentang apa aja sih tugas di teknik industri UGM ? kenapa sih udah kayak "satpam kampus", berangkat pagi, pulang malem ? dan kenapa sih bisa numpuk begitu? ya itu nanti aja lah ya, sebab ada satu nilai yang pengen saya bagikan ke temen2 sekalian.

Oke, beberapa baris di atas itu cuma Bab 1 "Latar Belakang", seperti biasa yang kita cantumin di laporan praktikum, jadi kita masuk ke BAB II alias Dasar Teori *huah, di blog pun masih tetep bawa2 praktikum*  

JADI yang menarik dari semester 4 ini adalah kesibukan saya yang luar biasa super sampai baterai BB pun bisa tahan sehari saking gak dipake2nya, lalu kos cuma buat mandi dan tidur, *serta ganti baju* , sebab seharian di kampus apa sih yang bikin saya sibuk?

demikian lah acara2 tersebut :

Praktikum : 1 sks tapi 2,5 jam, tugasnya H+2, kelompok. 1 SKS lho

Elevator Pitch Competition (wets keren kan namanya) disini saya berperan sebagai Sie. Acara atau Event Coordinator kata bule-bule

dua gambar diatas pesertanya lho, jadi presentasi dlm bhs inggris dlm waktu DUA menit. "you should persuade others to be attracted with your programme within 2 minutes"
lalu ini panitianya yg super kece kece lho, ada saya juga kan. sebelah saya itu ibu koor luar biasa !
ada lagi  schemeworks 2012

acara yang gak kalah kece nya lho. kalo ini entar khusus saya ceritain lah ya.

nah, selama Elevator Pitch Competition ini, ga cuma makanan yang saya dapet dan kenalan baru dari Universitas Brawijaya yang bernama Tabita,

uuuuuu ada fotonya. ini ini ini
KECEEEE KAN ??????????? hahaha hanya sebatas kenalan kok, ga lebih :D, gak LEBIH , jadi jgn cemburu ya, nak *UHUK*

lanjut ke topic utama : apa sih yang saya dapet dari acara ini?
sungguh kekeluargaan yang saya dapet dari acara ini tuh luar biasa antar panitia. mungkin dengan jumlah panitia yang sedikit, sehingga panitia menjadi solid dan saling membantu.

KOORDINASI dan KEPEKAAN adalah kunci dari setiap kesuksesan acara - anonymous
what I want to say here is, you can make your team as solid as ferrum if you appreciate them as you appreciate yourself.

Penghargaan. beda sama award.

Penghargaan. beda sama uang.

Penghargaan, suatu nilai yang membuat seseorang merasakan eksistensi dirinya di sebuah acara. Ini yang membuat orang menjadi total dan commit untuk melakukan sesuatu, tanpa melihat itu sebagai beban, melainkan sukacita.

Penghargaan, hanya terdiri dari 11 huruf, tapi pelaksanaannya butuh effort 11x11x11x11x11x11x11^11.

kenapa sih kita sulit menghargai orang lain? Kesombongan Keangkuhan dan Kemasabodoan ya dari sini kita belajar lah sedikit menghargai orang lain dengan cara yang kecil saja.
"kita telpon kenapa sih gak bisa ikut rapat kemaren?"

"Ajak ngobrol teman satu panitia, dan bercanda bersama. it's really a quality time, you know !"

"Bales SMS biarpun cuma jawab Oke." *curhat hahahahaha*

ya, mungkin dari situ, orang bisa merasa dihargai, dan saat dia merasa dihargai, effort yang akan diberikan tentu lebih dari nilai berapapun yang bisa dihitung seperti uang.

"acknowledge, and you will be apprised"

Minggu, Oktober 16, 2011

vocal group

luar biasa

dua kata yang saya ucapkan saat saya menjadi koordinator dari vocal group PMKT untuk lomba di Ecolympics, acara yang diselenggarakan oleh KMK (Keluarga Mahasiswa Katolik) dan PMK (Persekutuan Mahasiswa Kristen) FEB (Fakultas Ekonomika dan Bisnis) Universitas Gadjah Mada.

bermula dari invitasi yang diberikan saat Retret Umum Teknik, saya pun antusias ikut berpartisipasi dalam acara lomba tersebut. dan akhirnya setelah berbagai macam godokan, dari pembentukan tim, sampai perubahan skuad, terbentuklah tim kami yang diprakarsai oleh

Tulus Silas Batubara (Bass) - Teknik Industri 2010

Jefry Febriyan Siregar (Tenor-Bass) - Teknik Industri 2010 *kacamata*

Yopie Yutama Surbakti (Tenor) - Teknik Industri 2010

Annastacia Prissylia (Sopran) - Teknik Kimia 2010

Margaretha Maureen br. Hutagaol (Sopran-Alto) - Teknik Kimia 2011 *yang kacamata*

Brithy Michelle Toar (Alto) - Teknik Industri 2011

Samuel Yonathan Prayoga (Arranger-Guitar-Keyboard) - Fisika Teknik 2009


Bryan Reinhard Batara (Jimbe) - Teknik Arsitektur 2009

setelah personil terpenuhi, akhirnya kami melakukan serangkaian latihan.
dan hasilnya, kami cuma bisa latihan 3x full team, sisanya arak arakan gak jelas lah kemana ngalor ngidul latian kami itu.

kami sempat latian di griya PMKT, dan bahkan, H-1 pun kita belum persiapkan secara matang lagu wajibnya

oh iya for your information, ini lagu wajib kita

srengenge nyunar - Lagu Jawa, *padahal kita gak ada orang jawanya*

atau kalau mau liat langsung aja ke sini

dan lagu pilihannya ialah Kau Memilihku cipt. Ade Ray Cestra Surbakti Teknik Geologi 2009

mungkin kalau lagunya entar saya ulas deh, sekarang overallnya dulu

yaa kembali ke cerita

H-1 kita belom bersih dan rapi soal lagu wajib, full berantakan, dan karena peraturan GRIYA PMKT mewajibkan kami untuk tidak latihan di atas jam 7 malam, maka kami meminjam kontrakan Bang Renath - Teknik Arsitektur 2007 untuk latihan. wah sesuatu banget disana deh, kita mulai dengan doa, dan latihan pun lancar. padahal, Samuel sedang pergi ke Jakarta, dan kita berlatih tanpa sang Arranger dan keyboard, hanya berdasar pada jimbe dan partitur.

dan sampai pada hari lomba.

Sabtu 15 Oktober 2011

sebelum lomba kami berdoa

dan kami berjanji memberikan yang terbaik untuk Tuhan


puji Tuhan banyak yang terberkati oleh pujian kami, banyak yang senang, banyak yang bilang bagus, dan aku pun turut bersukacita. why? jelas, aku tiap hari 8-22 untuk mengurus Vocal Group ini, tetapi Tuhan berikan kekuatan padaku dan tim, sehingga kami bisa menampilkan yang terbaik, saat itu pun kami nothing to lose, tidak juara pun kami puas bisa menampilkan seluruh yang kami punya untuk Tuhan. dan banyak pula yang suka. hehehe

dan berikut foto2nya

*sebelum masuk ruangan*

dan inilah personil full teamnya

dan puji Tuhan kita bisa berikan yang terbaik buat Tuhan, dan Tuhan menjawab doa kami

kami juara 2, di bawah Psikologi A dan hanya terpaut 50 point. wah padahal latian kami cuma 3x, memang kuasa Tuhan sungguh luar biasa untuk tim kami ini. Kita sampai latihan malam-malam, minum wedang panas, tidak makan goreng-gorengan, full doping with streapsil dan fisherman sumbangan dari Maureen, dan semua itu dibalas oleh berkat Tuhan menjadi juara 2. terimakasih Tuhan untuk berkat tersebut

sungguh mujizat terjadi saat ini,

kita orang su berikan yang terbaik, ale ale, su patut bersukur sama yang di Atas, dan sa senang su punya kawan kawan terbaik seperti kalian. terimakasih, mauliate, dan terimakasih pache mache

by ISS [Itu Saja Sudah] Voices

always praise Him with all we have, serve Him with all the best we get

Senin, September 12, 2011

you are my rainbow

if i were a star, you were my rainbow

reddening all of my day

make my life brighter and colorful

and let me frolic among the elegance of your color, my rainbow.

YES, you are my rainbow.

caparison the world and fulfill my jolly time
and you come through after a rain
to show up your alluring face, through seven colors.

as you relieved my sorrow
with your smile, your presence, and your love.

please keep here to embellish my day, don't get vanished, cause your colors still linger on me, oh rainbow

Sabtu, September 10, 2011

keep waiting für Ihre Freude

menunggumu, ya menunggumu

memang berat bagiku untuk menjadi seorang yang pantas bagimu
memang berat bagiku untuk menjadi seorang yang menyenangkan hatimu
memang berat bagiku untuk menjadi seorang yang sesuai dengan kriteriamu

ya, semua memang berat

meski berat, still, i keep trying as my best.
to keep you smile
keep your joy
keep your laugh

cause your happiness means a lot for me.

keep smiling dear.

Sabtu, Juni 18, 2011

simply words

keeping you soothe and safe all of the time is my d e l i g h t